De Boer slams ‘Ajax’ for ruining the team’s decline.

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Holland and Ajax legend Ronald de Boer has slammed the transfer policy that has left his former team in ruins. With the worst start to a season of all time The rankings moved down to the relegation group.

Right now Ajax is performing extremely poorly. Played 6 matches in the Eredivisie, winning only 1 game and losing 3 matches, with 5 points, 16th in the table, considered the most

disappointing start in the club’s history since the 1964 season. -65 Despite the club spending £86m on reinforcements,

In particular, he criticized a number of decisions of the club’s management, which led to the team’s unsuccessful results this season. ทางเข้า

“There’s no point in bringing in so many supporting players and expecting them to perform at the highest level. It may seem harsh, but you can’t make chocolate out of crap. I’m really worried about the situation and don’t know where this is going to lead.” de Boer said in an interview with Spanish publication Marca.

Ajax currently ranks 16th in the Dutch Championship. After six rounds of the new season, the team scored only five points, which was one of the worst starts for it in history.

De Boer admits it is too naive to expect immediate improvements. and blamed the club’s trading policy as well “It may seem difficult

, but you can’t make bad chocolate,” De Boer told Voetbal International.

“I’m really worried. I don’t know which direction it will go. And don’t know how to resist those who arrived ′

′ They are happy to play for Ajax. But it is impossible to bring so many B-grade players here and think that they will perform at a high level.”