‘Antonio’ ​​admits he doesn’t want the ‘Swans’ to win the league

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Mikhail Antonio, West Ham United’s powerful striker, admits he doesn’t want to see Liverpool win the Premier League. The reason is the Kop’s constant messages of ridicule from the Kop dating back to the beginning of the season.

Antonio appeared on the BBC and made his prediction. Before kicking it said His team will defeat the “Reds” at Anfield and finish the season in a higher position.

However, in the actual match, the “Hammers” lost 3-1, and after that their opponents picked up points until they rose to the top of the leaderboard, while Antonio and his friends were in 6th place, separated by 11 points. ยูฟ่าเบท

Antonio has a knee injury and has not played on the field since November. And the 33-year-old Jamaican striker is taking time off to recuperate. Appeared on the same program to update his relationship with Liverpool.

“To tell you from my heart, I don’t want Liverpool to win the league because their fans keep sending me messages,” Antonio began to say.

“In fact, they should go their separate ways! I just want Arsenal or Man City to win the title. That’s everything I’m going to say.”

West Ham will have a chance to clear their eyes and meet Liverpool again at the London Stadium at the end of April, but Antonio doesn’t confirm that he will recover in time.

“I can only say that I used to be two yards away from perfection, but now I’m ten yards away,” the former Sheffield Wednesday player replied.