Answer to change Scott Carson guarding the mast in return for professionalism.

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Manager of the Manchester City team such as Josep Guardiola. Revealed the reason for sending goalkeeper Scott Carson to the third hand. Down to act during the last 20 minutes of the Champions League game match sporting Lisbon 0-0 yesterday. Because of the return of professionalism that has led the club to success over the years.

Carson was replaced by Ederson Moraes and received applause from the fans in the 70th minute, making 1 save , one successful pass and involved UFABET in a clean sheet. Until making the team qualify for the semifinals with a total goal of 5-0. 

There was a question from Pep about the use of the island gold. Which has not been in charge of the Champions League for more than 17 years since the last time as a Liverpool player. Which the Spanish boss answered because he wanted to repay his hand occupation.  

” We’re all delighted that he’s on the pitch. Because he’s a very important figure behind the scenes. ” said the 51 – carat boss. 

“ Scott Carson chemistry goes well with ‘ Eddie ‘ ( Ederson ) and Zack Steffen, both taking the advice of the seniors . 

“ And in the game there were important saves to ensure we didn’t lose the game. ”  

In terms of social media movements, it is bustling because it is considered to be a re- play of the Champions League in more than 6,182 days of the 36 – year -oldใ

Scott Paul Carson.

English footballer born 3 September 1985. He was born in Whitehaven, England, height 1.90 m, currently plays for Manchester City. in the goalkeeper position

Carson began playing football in 2002, began playing football at Leeds United’s youth academy and in 2004 played for Leeds’ first team. United for the first time is a match that meets Manchester United He has also been selected to play for the England Under 21s team.