Before Losing Weight Do You Already Know Obesity Well?

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Before Losing Weight Do You Already Know Obesity Well?

I believe that many people. Who encounter the problem of obesity tend to think that the first thing I need to do is dieting. Intensive exercise to make yourself slim. and weight numbers decreased I don’t know if that’s a false belief because the essence of losing weight is fat reduction.

When we eat more food than the amount the body burns or uses, it will be stored as fat every day until weight gain and eventually obesity. Therefore, to lose weight is that you have to get rid of excess fat. In addition, excess fat is dangerous, clinging to the skin layer and accumulating infiltrated into various organs such as the liver, pancreas, intestines and heart. The bad effects that are added as a bonus from obesity are various serious diseases such as diabetes, degenerative joint disease, heart disease, and blood vessels. cerebral stenosis high blood pressure and psychological problems such as dissatisfaction with one’s own body or being viewed by society. Start losing weight at UFABET.


Learn How To Build Muscle Instead Of Fat.

The goal of losing weight is to reduce excess fat and replace it with muscle. The more muscle mass, the greater the metabolic process of burning nutrients, especially fat, than people with lean muscle mass. The food. That is eaten will not accumulate and transformed into excess fat. Which is the cause of weight gain Losing weight is not dieting to lose weight as many people understand.

Solving Questions About Why “Yo-Yo”

Check to see if you have any of these behaviors.

  • heavy exercise
  • starve
  • Refrain from eating carbohydrates and fats.
  • Eat only fruits and vegetables
  • etc

When you do this continuously, your body will adjust to get used to the food you eat. Metabolic system will reduce work less. Risk of malnutrition, body slimming, loss of muscle mass And if you stop this behavior, when the weight will rise rapidly, face the “Yo-Yo” condition, the metabolic system is broken. Back to being fat as usual, it’s difficult to lose weight, and before the body returns to normal, it takes a long time to recover.

The Right Way To Lose Weight (Fat)

eat well

The principle is as simple as “heavy in the morning, light in the afternoon. Avoiding the evening, except late at night.” Breakfast must be the main meal because it is the beginning of energy use throughout the day. When breakfast is full Lunch will feel less hungry. but should eat half of breakfast And dinner should be eaten before 6 pm, emphasizing vegetables, lean meat. little sweet fruit Avoid spicy food high fat diet Limit sugary drinks each day. Try to drink water, Chinese tea, black coffee (no more than 1 cup per day), lemon juice (no sugar added) and go to bed between 10-11 pm. Do this every day, your body will start to look firmer.

Exercise 30 minutes every day. 

In addition to dieting, you need to exercise at the same time to see more obvious results. Fat is reduced, muscle is replaced. For beginners, you may start by brisk walking, long strides, and swinging your arms for about 30 minutes, doing 5 consecutive days/week.

stress makes you fat

Some people are stressed and tend to find a place to go down by eating. Because the body secretes a stress hormone called Cortisol in large quantities, it causes a lot of appetite, especially sweets and oily things. until becoming a person who accumulates fat more easily than a person who is in a good mood Therefore, you must know how to observe your own emotions and minds. Then you will be able to control the situation.