Because sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

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Because sometimes silence speaks louder than words.

Have you ever read something? We will hear the noise in our heads. Especially people we know the tone of voice. It was almost like that person was standing in front of him talking. Especially during the times when we talk through the text. expressing opinions. That seem to be pouring down Express your feelings with emoticons. Laughing with the number 555. If it’s in a normal situation without any awkwardness Talking like this is rarely a problem. But because social media is diligent, it urges us to express our thoughts. By asking right there at UFABET

What are you thinking? Sometimes we make some comments. But instead it was judg by many people. even though only a few letters. Does not tell the whole story that really happened, so communication errors occur. In a modern world that challenges us to express our opinions all the time. And ready to have social people wearing judges’ uniforms. But never using legal words We can’t stop fighting.But we are not the victims anymore. We will never understand what is going on in those people’s hearts.

In the quietest place We can also hear our own thoughts.

Especially when the heart is severely bruised Can’t help thinking about the words of the people. Eye-reading speech Voices that pass through our imaginations And of course, it hurts like that. The world was almost dark before his eyes. It is the source of many mental health problems. that people in our generation have to bear it

Silence in the world of social media like this. So it’s not just mute. But it is closing the eyes. Closing the ears, closing the mouth and tying hands. Because many things that we consume through our eyes. without knowing the origin clearly. It caused my emotional glands to rage so that it was scary. Some silence means not showing it all of a sudden, using your intellect to carefully consider it. And if we practice it often, we can use silence in a subtle, subtle and powerful way.

Quiet is a powerful sound, says Susan Cain. We will able to use our ideas and let our creative ideas run wild. person. Who likes silence A person with a tendency to be thoughtful, humble, sensitive, serious, scrutinizing. And have a true understanding of their own feelings and identity

Scientists have proven the power of silence and discovered. That When we are in silence for 2 hours, the hippocampus, the part of the brain. That is responsible for memory, will be clearly developed

Silence has amazing language of its own.

Some people are good at creating silence. with unworthy words wrong time and tact after his expression It might cause the whole world to be extinguished. Until I heard the sound of the heart and the air

Some people have a way of breaking the silence. at the right time with a very creative dialogue On the awkward and gloomy atmosphere His tone and expression Make the world brighter and create beautiful positive energy.

Some people use silence louder than shouting. when he silenced everything that moved It seems to have stopped during that time. and made us find That silence sent a message that was more powerful than anything.

Silence therefore can use to attack, compromise, accept, reject, command, or even express more feelings than we think.

When everything is quiet We will hear the sound of wisdom

If we learn to live with silence We use it both in social times and in our personal lives. It helps us to calm down. and get to know how to connect with yourself Add happiness to life and soul like never thought. How simple is it?

but even so If we are silent on matters that should make noise Silence on things to protect or silent on the destiny of others. Because not every time the silence works the way we think. It can be a double-edged sword that sets the story up a notch. As a result there was a misunderstanding. Therefore, we should practice being in silence at various times, whether pleasant, infrequent, or bad, quiet in order to be heard more clearly. quiet to contemplate and choose to find ways to express themselves at the right time